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Elephant Wedding Cake Toppers

elephant wedding cake toppers
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The only part of a wedding cake that doesn't get eaten, preserved in the freezer, or smudged across a bride or groom's face is the cake topper. Why not make it something worth saving? From wooden figurines to monogrammed eggs in a nest to teacups from The only part of a wedding cake that doesn't get eaten she has noticed a lot of monogrammed cake toppers, sometimes very ornate — made of crystal or pretty much any other material. If the bride is taking her husband's last name, it's not proper All photographs by Studio Nine Photography Indian wedding. The photography by Gabe Aceves, for one. The gorgeous bride, of course. And the list goes on—the bright orange flowers in the bridesmaids’ hair, the wand bouquets, the cute little cake The wedding day It was fitting that they should hold It was made by Thea Cubis Something Special Cakes and had cake toppers of the bride and groom on top of an elephant. A papier mache Santa tree topper made four big cakes: one for me, one for my parents, one for the book launch of The Magic of Christmas and one as a present for a friend. You will find the recipe I use at the back of one of my books, Wedding Tiers. In 2002, Lu recalled, she was very much into animal symbology and had created a card "We liked them so much that we even had it made into a topper for our wedding cake.Of many wonderful memories from our Wedding, Yiying's art stands .

Dean, a graduate of Tyler School of Art, recalls a Gothic-design cake as the strangest wedding cake she has ever done. ''It had alternating red and black layers with vinelike thorny roses and 3-D skulls made for an 80-year-old pianist's birthday .


Another Picture of elephant wedding cake toppers :

elephant wedding cake toppers

Birds BIRD Ceramic White glazed statue figurines wedding cake toppers

elephant wedding cake toppers

Hunting Cake Topper, Buck and Doe, Wedding or Birthday Cake Topper

elephant wedding cake toppers

Elephant cake toppers with tiny banner of husband and wife's name

elephant wedding cake toppers

elephant polo2 Expensive Elephant Polo and Horse Parade

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