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Snowman Wedding Cake Toppers

snowman wedding cake toppers
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Classic Cake’s specialty is elegant wedding- and special-occasion cakes “I have even done a gingerbread-flavored cake. The wedding topper was a gingerbread house,” he said. “In the doorway of the house were the bride and groom.” coyote figurines or autumn accents. “I’ll just see something I like and try to make my own version,” Westbrook said. Crafter Carol Jacobsen’s booth offered both handmade and vintage wares including a circa 1950s wedding cake topper. Collecting Christmas at Branch Design is a big bunch of cosy elegance A recent showing of vintage wedding cake toppers was an underground hit. C&BL railroad hats are the tree-topper. Train memorabilia was gathered from closets It was a little cardboard teddy bear. It was actually a name tag from a gift my mother received from a school friend in 1937. My mother always kept the teddy bear Dean, a graduate of Tyler School of Art, recalls a Gothic-design cake as the strangest wedding cake she has ever done. ''It had alternating red and black layers with vinelike thorny roses and 3-D skulls made for an 80-year-old pianist's birthday .


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snowman wedding cake toppers

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snowman wedding cake toppers

Flickr: The Wedding Cake Toppers Pool

snowman wedding cake toppers

Snowman Wedding — Square Wedding Cakes

snowman wedding cake toppers

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