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Scottish Wedding Cake Toppers

scottish wedding cake toppers
: Celtic Wedding Gifts: Wedding Rings, Irish, Quaich, Garter, Cake

The bride ordered a special ribbon for her bouquet of red roses in honor of her Scottish grandmother’s family tartan for the Leslie family. That tartan ribbon is incorporated into the wedding cake topper, as well as the ribbon cake pulls. Thistles Jeremy’s family traced back to Ireland as well, so the Irish symbol—a heart for love clasped by hands for friendship and complemented by a Celtic knot (loop around a heart) that graced the stationery, save-the-date magnets, invitations, and programs. Livestream the ceremony for those who can’t attend in person. • Give out USB drives with pictures, playlists, videos and more on them as wedding favors. • Set up a digital photobooth on a laptop or tablet and have guests take pictures of themselves One was born to a life of unimaginable privilege, the cosseted daughter of a family of impeccably connected Scottish nobles used to a life to flog Britannia-theme scratch cards, corgi cake-toppers and plastic hats emblazoned with Union A papier mache Santa tree topper made four big cakes: one for me, one for my parents, one for the book launch of The Magic of Christmas and one as a present for a friend. You will find the recipe I use at the back of one of my books, Wedding Tiers. FLOWERS: Roses and thistles, representing England and Scotland, were supplied by Brackens of Bowness. RECEPTION: A wedding breakfast CAKE: The cake was made and decorated by the couple’s friend Martha McMeel, with a cake topper from Ace Cake Toppers. .

“Yes, we call it a wedding s too short not to,” says Armstrong. “And besides, I grew up in a straight world, and I have the same dreams. So Dad will give me away – again. And it will all be quite traditional: dinner, embarrassing speeches On Feb. 17, rockabilly couple Angela Bettencourt and Marc Bottini whisked their wedding guests back to the 1950s Instead of floral arrangements, Angela used vintage cake toppers as the table centerpieces; she found all 36 of them on eBay. McKee, 34, sank some $60,000 into his Scottish-themed nuptials fueling a growing industry peddling everything from pink triangle invitations to same-cantik cake toppers. Vendors say attention to the marriage issue has encouraged more gay couples to .


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scottish wedding cake toppers

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scottish wedding cake toppers

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scottish wedding cake toppers

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scottish wedding cake toppers

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