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Toppers Wedding Cake

toppers wedding cake
Wedding Accessories Ideas: Small Wedding Cakes With Ribbon And Toppers

Is there anything more twee and adorable than a wedding cake topper? A bride and groom in miniature, the looks on their faces mirroring the blank-faced optimism of the couple standing before the cake -- so cute! But what would those little Related: 21 Jaw-Dropping Wedding Cakes So as you attend summer weddings, keep an eye out for these humble assortments. And if you're planning a wedding of your own, consider going against the grain (or in this case, the icing). Related: Wedding Cake Romance Cake Top, $34.98 We love that this porcelain cake topper shows one woman wearing a suit; both also wear small Swarovski crystal wedding rings. Hair and clothing colors can be customized. Also available in two grooms. When Heather and Kim got married recently, they celebrated with an amazing superhero themed wedding, down to vintage comic postcards on which guests could write their well-wishes. To cap it off, the two lovely ladies and their guests dined on this And with wedding ceremonies, often, comes cake—traditionally frosted in white, adorned with flowers, and maybe balancing a tiny couple in black and white on its top layer. Slideshow: 11 Fabulous (Gay) Wedding Cakes Slideshow But because same Most couples top their wedding cake with smiling newlyweds, symbolising the long and happy life they are about to embark on together. Others are far less traditional, using their cake topper to inject some fun into their big day. But loved up .

Who says you can't have some fun at your wedding? Photobooths, dances down the aisle and surprise serenades at the altar all attest to the desire of most couples to inject a little levity into their nuptials. If you ask us, though, when it comes for their wedding or engagement parties may want to keep the sophistication of a wedding cake. This can be done with these cute, fun, yet elegant cupcake toppers. Of course cupcake toppers can be purchased in stores and online but is the cost really And no, we're not talking about the deer-hunt-gone-wrong cake toppers. (Feeling humorous? This might be a light addition to a shotgun wedding.) Rather, these are designs that, frankly, might have us waking in fits and starts all night long. 15 Over-the-Top One way he does that is with the hand-painted porcelain wedding cake toppers his Canada-based wedding However, several others are just fun and quirky. A handful of the toppers have a sports theme, including a groom dressed in a suit jacket with soccer .


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toppers wedding cake

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toppers wedding cake

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toppers wedding cake

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toppers wedding cake

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