Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Camo Wedding Cake Toppers

camo wedding cake toppers
Green Camo Deer Hunting Bride dragging Groom Wedding Cake Topper-GCH3

Looking for the perfect cake topper for the big occasion What an awesome addition to that grooms cake, birthday cake for the hunter, Mossy Oak Camo Weddingetc.. The possibilities are endless.. We can make these shotgun shells in any color you They're having a camouflage-inspired wedding! Related: 11 Crazy New Wedding Trends From invites and boutonnieres to rifle-toting cake toppers, these fashion fatigues will definitely add a level of sophistication to the ceremony. Related: Did You I know, the suspense is brutal! In the meantime, have you been to a hunting-themed wedding, or do you happen to be planning one yourself? There are certainly plenty of deer cake toppers and camo garter belts on the market if you are! It featured a white, three-tiered, wedding cake decorated with black scrolls. A black satin ribbon circled the base of each tier. Live, red rose buds adorned the various tiers. A heart-shaped glass topper engraved with the bride and groom’s names was used. Koons also made a wedding cake for Joannou’s daughter in 2005. It was shaped like a heart and covered with enormous toppers made of blue and purple marzipan in the shape of children’s party balloons. “We still have them,” Joannou says. Following the wedding ceremony the wedded couple that was accented with a Swarovski Crystal cake topper. The cake and dinner was prepared by Shirley White Catering. The groom’s cake was of camouflage design, “A Hunter’s Dream” with strawberry .



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camo wedding cake toppers

Bride on the Phone Camo Groom Hunter Deer Hunting Wedding Cake Topper

camo wedding cake toppers

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camo wedding cake toppers

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camo wedding cake toppers

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